Sidewalk Toronto

Get Involved

We are excited to announce our public engagement plan, with a variety of events, activities, and opportunities designed to get Torontonians involved in the co-creation of Sidewalk Toronto. You can read the full plan here. There are many ways you can participate, learn about them in our community page.

Public Talks

Attend one of our live-streamed public talks featuring acclaimed speakers on such topics as sustainability, digital technologies, mobility, urban design, and inclusion.

See calendar of public talks

Public Roundtables

Participate in a public roundtable meeting, where you’ll work in small, facilitated groups to help refine our thinking during key phases in the creation of the development plan.

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Neighbourhood Meetings

Attend a neighbourhood meeting held throughout Toronto in partnership with local organizations and community associations. Would your group like to join the conversation? Contact us at

See calendar of past meetings

Sidewalk Toronto Pavilion

Visit the Sidewalk Toronto Pavilion, opening later this year, to learn more about Toronto’s waterfront and help shape our development plan.

Read about the launch

Pop-up Stations

Visit a local pop-up station in your community to learn about Sidewalk Toronto and share your ideas.

Sidewalk Toronto Reference Panel

This 36-member group of volunteer residents from across the city will meet over six Saturdays throughout the year to examine our work and help shape our thinking.

See calendar of panel meetings

Design Jams

Attend a design charrette to examine specific elements of the Sidewalk Toronto plan.


Sign-up for our CivicLabs, two-day sessions that bring together Torontonians to examine issues like mobility, housing, and inclusion.

YMCA-Sidewalk Toronto Summer Kids Camp

Send your child, ages 9-12, to a free summer kids camp to learn about the waterfront and explore ideas for its future. Click here for registration details (enrolment opens March 5 and closes May 25).

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Sidewalk Toronto Fellows Program

Twelve Fellows will travel to three cities over six months to explore the future of cities and technology.

Read more about the fellows

Pilots and Prototypes

Join local civic innovators, artists, and technologists to develop pilots and prototypes to improve urban life.

Local and International Experts

Watch for publicly available summaries of expert working groups that will help strengthen our approach.