Sidewalk Toronto

Working Groups

We think that local and international experts who are independent of Waterfront Toronto or Sidewalk Labs have a valuable role to play in helping to shape our plan. Small working groups will meet periodically with our project leads throughout the planning process to help strengthen and refine our approach. A summary report of their discussions will be made publicly available.

Public Realm

The Public Realm group will explore how to maximize public spaces, make those spaces available in all seasons, and help residents use public space to build community.

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The Mobility group will focus on safe, accessible, and efficient complete streets, alternatives to private car ownership, and reducing barriers to using transportation.

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Responsible Data Use

The Responsible Data Use group will examine Sidewalk Toronto’s policies around privacy, data governance, access to data, and data security.

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The Sustainability group will explore ways to create the world’s first climate-positive urban community and reduce waste and water usage.

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Housing Affordability

The Housing Affordability group will develop a housing toolkit to meet the full spectrum of housing needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Community Services

The Community Services group will advise on holistic healthcare and social services delivery, civic engagement, and inclusive economic development.

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